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This ALL LEVELS series and workshop is designed for women who want to feel deeply well and have their minds, bodies and souls nourished by real self-care.

Starting with a 2hr workshop on Saturday 29th June @ 3-5pm - $35 - FULL

Then continuing for 5 weeks on Tuesday 2nd July- 30th July @ 6-7pm - $70

Please pre-register for both events.

At the Dartmouth Yoga Center, 122 Portland St, Downtown Dartmouth.

See below for more details.

$10 discount if you sign up for both the workshop and series - $95

Add a brand new journal for an extra $10, you’ll be needing it!



Yoga is prayer in movement, medicine in movement, intention in movement. Yes, it can build strength, increase your flexibility, tone your muscles. But it can also be a way to discover magic, to get out of your head and into your body. The yoga portion of The Well Woman series will involve some flowing sequences, longer holds and deep stretches. Each week will be focused on a theme (see below) and each week you can take away poses to practice at home.


You don’t have to be spiritual to meditate. Meditation is a way to slow down and calm the thoughts. When we do this, we can see them clearer and begin to sift through the self-limiting patterns that no longer serve. The result: a lighter, more real you. Each week we will meditate, building on the theme and creating a self-home practice


There is a magnitude of power behind your words and intentions. Writing is the perfect practice to tap into what the heart really wants to say and create. Each week there will be time for you to pour your heart out. You’ll be given prompts that you can finish at home, where you can begin your own ritual of taking time just for you.

Workshop - 1/3 yoga, 1/3 meditation, 1/3 journaling

The theme of the workshop is acceptance.

Three years ago during a yoga class - in my then home town - I experienced one of those ‘aha moments’, that completely changed how I viewed yoga. A teacher that I hadn’t practiced with before said something during the class that instantly widened my eyes and shifted something deep within me. I clearly remember it was a lunch time class at the local recreation center. I had been a teacher for several years and practicing for several more and somehow I had never heard these words. “We don’t practice yoga to better ourselves, we practice yoga to accept ourselves”. Up until that moment I was using yoga to better myself. I thought that by practicing yoga postures, learning about the philosophy, sitting in meditation, being disciplined, following the rules etc etc. That I was becoming a better person, that I was working towards the best possible version of myself. However, I now know that the key component that was missing and the reason why I couldn’t quite feel like I was there, was acceptance. If you can’t accept yourself right now, exactly as you are, then you never will.

Join me on Saturday 29th June 3-5pm for a two hour journey, of learning how to accept who you are today. We’ll move, meditate, share & write from our hearts.

Themes for The Well Woman series.

Week 1:Joy - Lets find out what lights you up.

Week 2:Confidence - Consider that you radiate, at all times.

Week 3:Vulnerability - What risk is tugging at your soul?

Week 4:Compassion - Talk to yourself like you would someone you love.

Week 5:Intuition - Its the souls language, let learn it.

A little more about self-care

I’d like to change the image of self-care. I’d like to move it away from the Instagram #selfcaresunday bath tub, filled with rose petals and surrounded by a 100 candles - don’t get me wrong, baths do play a part, but its not the whole picture. Self-care is completely different for everyone, its shaped by your story, your experiences and your needs. The self-care journey is not a straight path, there will be bumps, dips and at times a feeling of going backwards or not going anywhere. Sometimes your self-care might simply be siting down and being present with a hot cup of nourishing tea, sometimes it will be running that rose petal bath (cellphone off) or doing some yoga. But sometimes it might be asking yourself some hard questions. Like ‘whats not working right now?’, ‘What do I need to say no to?’, ‘What is causing my anger?’, ‘What is happening in my life that I need to take responsibility for?’ ‘How can I connect more to the people I love?’.

Self-care is doing the internal work, the unraveling, the piecing together, the looking at your wounds. It could also be having those difficult and uncomfortable conversations that are weighing heavy on your heart. At the end of the day its ultimately self-love! Self-care is the first step, its the external practices that set you up on the path to self-love. Its loving actions dedicated to you, its a moment to reconnect, to feel what your feeling and to channel that into a practice. The Well Woman series is dedicated to helping you create both external and internal practices of self-care.

Throughout the five weeks we'll use yoga, meditation and journaling to continue building your self-care practice. Each week you'll be taught something to take home and use as part of your day. At the end of the five weeks you'll have learnt yoga poses to practice at home, meditation techniques to support you and will have discovered the powerful ritual of journaling.