5 detoxing Yin poses for Spring

When it comes to using yoga for detoxing, I’m not convinced that you have to hit hot yoga 5 times a week. I believe that gentle yoga, when coupled with a strong breath is the best way to detox when using yoga. Here are 5 detoxing poses that you can do as part of a sequence or completely individually. Try to be mindful of your thoughts, keeping you’re focus on a strong steady breath.


Rock pose.

Sit onto your heels, you can use a blanket under the ankles if that is more comfortable. Keeping a long straight spine and your hands on your lap; focus on taking full belly breaths in and long smooth breaths out. Sit like this for 2-5 minutes. This pose is so simple and so brilliant for digestion, its name is said to come from the idea that you could digest a rock like this. Whenever it’s possible I sit like this after every meal and as simple as it is, I’ve noticed a huge difference in bloating and reduced feeling of heaviness after eating.



This classic yoga pose is again so simple but hugely effective. Bringing the knees together, fold forward over your thighs and reach your arms in front of you. As you take a deep breath in, gently push your stomach into your thighs, when you breath out, gently pull your belly button towards the spine at the end of the exhale. Remain like this for 2-5 minutes. This is such an effective way to stimulate your digestion.


Butterfly pose

Sitting with your heels together about a foot out in-front of you, allow your knees to fall out to the side. You can either stay up right, fold forward holding onto your feet or lye back – lying down is the more intense version of the pose. Butterfly activates the inner thighs and groin area. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine this is where meridians for your spleen run. The spleen plays a huge role in detoxification and is a primary organ for digestion. Sit for 2-5 minutes, taking deep belly breaths in and long, smooth breaths out.


Garland/malasana pose

One of my favorite poses. Malasana is wonderful for helping with bloating and digestive disturbances. It’s a great one for getting things moving. You can place a rolled up towel under your heels to make it more accessible. I like to bring my elbows to the inside of my knees and my hands in prayer. Again, taking deep breaths stay for 2 minutes or as long as you can.


Supine twist

There are many variations of twists you can do, depending on how warmed up you are, you don’t want to go too deep and over twist. My favorite is lying back, bringing the knees into the chest, allow them to fall to the right side first. Keeping the knees stacked as much as you can, bring your arms out to a T, with your shoulders on the mat. Continue the twist by looking at your left hand. Take deep belly breaths for 2 minutes and then move over to the other side. Twists are amazing for digestion and giving you a natural boost of energy.

Heather Brown