It was the fall of 2012- after 18 months of practicing yoga regularly - that I found myself living and working at a yoga retreat on the beautiful coast of British Columbia. Nestled in between the main land and Vancouver Island is Salt Spring, a small island with big offerings. The idyllic Salt Spring Centre of Yoga was to be my home for the next three months. In exchange for my time and energy, I was offered a room, delicious meals and daily yoga classes.

It was during this period that I began to delve deeper into the intricate studies of yoga. I started to see that this ancient practice is so much more than just the poses. I first started practicing yoga because I was attracted to the physical benefits of it. At the time in 2010, I was a snowboard instructor and the physical demands of the job were beginning to take a toll on my body. I was yearning to move and stretch in a different way. So, I made the decision to buy a mat and attend my first yoga class. Still to this day It amazes me that just one seemingly small decision can influence the rest of your life.

I believe the biggest part of yoga is mindful living. When I teach, I try to create a space and practice that allows each individual to take away a little piece of mindfulness. Introducing mindful practices means you start to notice the little things. It makes you more aware of changes you need to make in your life- big or small- that will actually result in you being happier. The easiest place to start is with the physical body and breath. Given the space and time you’ll be surprised at the things you will discover about your body and breath, that you never have before. It’s truly a beautiful practice, that I believe is essential for living a peaceful, healthy life.

I took my 200hr yoga teacher training at the Yandara yoga Insitute in Baja, Mexico. Since then I’ve taught yoga on an island off of Vancouver island, a beach on Sri Lanka, a forest in the mountains of B.C and more conventionally in a studio. I think the thing that makes me a good teacher is that i’m great student. I’m a dedicated student to this incredible practice.

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